Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Truth

“Life isn’t easy and whether or not you’re in the mood it’s the truth” Last night while I was sitting in my bed trying to figure out how I was going to push through the next couple of weeks with trying to finish the semester, working two jobs, trying to actually have a relationship with my boyfriend, see my friends and my family let alone get whatever else I needed to do done before I drove myself crazy I got this text. First, it just hit my nerves the wrong way. All I wanted to say back was “Yeah, I know life sure as hell isn’t easy. I’ve experienced it first-hand.” But… I refrained. As a lot of you know who might be reading this, when it comes to the truth I’ll tell you, even if you don’t want to hear it. So here comes some truths that I have realized in the last little bit of my life.
1.      Mom is only a phone call away. You’re always going to need her, whether it be to tell you how wash a shirt or something much bigger. Plain and simple you always need Mom.
2.      Sometimes you really don’t talk with your siblings as much as you should, but you sure will miss them when the Holidays aren’t the same anymore and believe it or not they will be probably always first ones asking why someone is creeping and being the first to hunt them down.
3.      As you grow up you’re going to have a hand full of friends that you keep in touch with, you might only talk every once in a blue moon but those friends are always there when you need them. Don’t forget about them.
4.      Growing up isn’t all it is really cracked out to be… bills, working, school is all just gets harder.  Keep your inner child and let them come out to play every once in a while or you will probably go crazy.
5.      Your significant other will probably drive you nuts some days, but at the end of the day whether you’re the biggest brat in the world or you’re not looking so good they are going to be the ones who love you and come to take care of you when you’re stuck home sick.
6.      Going to bed early is a luxury, don’t take it for granted.
7.      Eating healthy is actually good take the time to do it (but let’s be honest… not everything healthy actually tastes good) so give in to those fries calling your taste buds sometimes.
8.      It is ok to get something less than an A in a class…. Yeah, believe it this is coming from me. The girl who hates getting anything but an A.
9.      Have fun, do what you want to do. The opportunities aren’t always going to be there calling your name..   Even though life is stressful and sometimes you don’t feel too great, find happiness in the little things. Trust me,  you’ll enjoy life a lot more and won’t be as stressed.

I’ve probably realized a lot of other stuff but these are a couple of things that stick out in my mind… what are some you have?


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